Thursday, August 20, 2009


So we went to Destin last week and it was WONDERFUL! the weather was pretty the whole time. I'm trying to think if anything interesting happened. Not really. On one of my morning runs, i saw a blowfish and a crab... and then when Will and I were out swimming we saw a sea turtle... but that was really it. It was just so nice to sit outside and enjoy the beach for a few days and take my mind off of work! I hadn't really had a break at all since i started working before graduation, so it was very, very nice. Here are a few pictures from the trip!

I actually drew that :)
My favorite person in my favorite place!
No words necessary... ok, well he got bored after sitting on the beach. I told him he should have brought his golf clubs, and i'm sure he wished he had. So we went snorkeling. Didn't see anything at all. Not very interesting.

Getting ready to eat some seafood at the back porch!

One of my favorites... Me trying to be artistic :)


And my fave :)

So we had a great time, minus the 15 hours car trip. We could have gone without that. But it was so nice to go for a few days! Back to the real world. Although I AM excited about football season coming up very, very soon!

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