Friday, July 9, 2010

A phrase that annoys me...

One more thing...

Do you ever have those people in your life that say things that annoy you? They don't realize that it bothers you, but you don't really want to say anything about it either? Well, mine is "If that's what you want." I.E. Yes, getting a house sounds great, "if that's what you want." Going on a trip sounds fun, "If that's what you want." That opportunity sounds wonderful, "If that's what you want." Maybe it's not meant to sound bad, but sometimes I kind of feel like that phrase totally cancels out whatever was said before it. What do you think? Am i crazy for being annoyed?

-Mrs. Moore

Holly Moore

So I have been completely AWFUL about posting! But with working, planning a wedding, and moving into a new house, I just have been so busy! So I'm REALLY going to do my best this time, and I'm going to try to catch you up on everything!

Right now, Will and I are sitting in our NEW living room and we LOVE IT! It is so nice to finally be together and to have so much space! We have a wonderful house in a great neighborhood in Fayetteville, and we love it! The best thing is the backyard. We have a great little deck and the fence in the back is cut down shorter so you can see the huge, open field behind it. It is so relaxing to go out there in the morning and at night to eat dinner!

I will update you on all of the wedding planning and how it actually turned out, and we will have pictures of the house soon! Right now we are getting all of the furniture situated and spending all of our much-loved gift cards in furnishing our home! I cannot wait, because you know I am a little hostess, and as SOON as everything gets peachy keen with the house, we are throwing a SHE-NA-NA of a party! You'll want to be on the list :)

For now, I'm sorry to say, I have to go. We are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning to go to Jennifer and Ryan's wedding in DALLAS!!! I cannot TELL you how much I love that city! So I have to go pack and make sure my HUSBAND takes the proper attire :) I feel like I just take care of a grown-up, big kid sometimes! But you gotta love 'em!

Goodnight, everyone!

-Mrs. Moore