Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Am I... your fire???

Soooo last weekend i went BACK to Searcy... AGAIN.... for will's golf tournament. Just joking about the sarcasm, it really was fun, and i really do love every single person i have met there! so so so nice! Anyway, there were parties both friday and saturday nights, and they were so fun! I spent the day just riding around on the golf cart taking pictures with my camera. My brother was sweet enough to give me a really nice Nikon camera for graduation and this was the first time I have really broken it out and played around with it... and I had so much fun! im sure will and his dad Jay thought i was being annoying and kind of like the paparazzi or something, but oh well!So randomly during the day there was this fox running across the golf course with a squirrel in its mouth? i don't know, it seemed worthy of a few pictures. Will played with his dad, and his best friend Chris played with Keith- will's stepdad. it was fun! saturday went really wellll... but sunday?? not so much. I pretty much spent THAT whole day at the pool.

The parties at night were the best though. Saturday night there was a calcutta and then karaoke... after a few hours I was ready to sing! Only problem wasssss i wanted will to sing with me. He was really hesitant at first, but then he just told me to pick something out. So immediately i take that to mean ANYTHING. Next thing he knows, he's up there singing "I want it that way" by the backstreet boys... and we definitely had a crowd lined up as soon as we started singing :)
All in all it was a fun weekend. And he's finally coming back to fayetteville for law school! he's moving back into his apartment this weekend, and you know i am excited about that... and what would be a more perfect place to him than..... the links? where he can pretty much do this everyday! until he has to actually study for once :) til next time! Im going to try to be better about posting! XOXO-H

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