Thursday, February 18, 2010

I fell off the face of the earth

Wow! Where did this come from! I have not posted in SO long! I honestly have just been so busy and kind of forgot about it! I promise I will try to be a better blogger once this wedding is finished being planned!

Let's see... any important updates? Ha! probably not! My life is not very interesting! Just working and trying to get lookin' good for the big day :) I had a client ask if i lost weight today and that TOTALLY made my day!

As far as the wedding goes, we have pretty much everything planned! We still have the invitations to do and we are currently in negotiations with the reception band, but everything else is pretty squared away! I know some little details I want to have in the wedding so I guess its time for me to start getting crafty! woo hoo!

Will is doing well, just studying hard... or hardly studying? Just kidding. He really is working hard. And im very proud of him for that! We are going to Searcy this weekend to pick up our wedding bands. That will be crazy! It has gone by so fast and it is only a little over 3 months away now!

Oh, and if you can't tell from the picture above, it has been snowing like crazy up here in northwest arkansas! one weekend i think we got around 10 inches. But today was absolutely gorgeous! I just love spring and I cant wait for it to finally get here!

Well, peace out world. Im ready for the weekend! anyone else?



  1. Welcome back to the blogger world! I am glad you are back! The wedding will be here before you know it! So exciting!

  2. Holly: wow! I just linked from my AMC blog to yours! You guys are both beyond gorgeous! You are going to make my job very, very easy. Definite eye candy for the camera. ;) I'm so excited and look forward to working out all of the details and plans before our upcoming sessions! Shannon